Luxe Water Fountains

Luxe Water Fountains



Luxe Water Fountains

Water fountains are the single piece of art that will look sensational in any indoor or outdoor living space. That being said, they are not only appreciated for their beauty, they offer a long list of wonderful benefits to those who come in contact with them. Here at Luxe Water Fountains, you will find the absolutely perfect water feature to suit your personality and complement your space, regardless of your color palette, theme or décor.
If you have recently started shopping for water fountains, you may be overwhelmed by the selection that is available. You can easily narrow the choices down by making a list of exactly what you are looking for.



Evaluate the room you are shopping for. Do you have an empty wall that could benefit from water walls, or do you have an awkward corner that would nicely house a floor fountain? Perhaps you have an end table that you could place a table top fountain on. There is no rule that says you can only have one either! As long as multiple fountains complement one another as well as the room, you can go ahead and have more than one!


Material Choice

The water features available here at Luxe Water Fountains are available in an array of materials, including slate, marble, pebble, glass, resin, cast stone, terracotta, fiberglass and mirror. These are all finishes that pair up nicely with trims made from stainless steel, copper and even black copper. You will even find that we allow you to choose between square and round trims on many of our water walls.


Current Décor

Keep in mind that water fountains have a way of naturally becoming a focal point. The wrong one could become a distraction. As much as you may love our Bubble Floor Fountains, they won't look so great in a country cottage theme. Therefore, the current color palette, theme, furniture and decorative pieces should all be considered when picking one.
There is nothing quite like the soothing sound of running water. It makes your home more inviting and interesting, while calming the nerves and invoking a sense of relaxation.